Who do I coach?

Busy and successful professionals who realize they can not abdicate their personal responsibility for “personal development” or “self-care”. They acknowledge where they are in life and where they would like to be.

What are the top 5 issues people bring to me?

• I am seeking more spirituality and balance in my life.

• I am professionally successful but my personal life is suffering.

• I need to find more time, energy or motivation.

• I am in transition between careers, relationships, roles, lifestyles.

• I need clarity, structure, focus, organizational skills.

What do my clients have in common?

• In their own way they are already successful

• They want be happier and more fulfilled

• They appreciate the benefits of personal development

• They have goals and dreams they want to achieve quickly and efficiently

What qualifies me to coach you?

• I have searched for and found the significance in my life.

• I will give you truth, honesty and objectivity.

• I am grounded in faith and balance in my life.

• I have been a student of human dynamics since a very young age.

• I will ask you questions you never thought or dared to ask yourself.

• I am successfully living a life designed for joy, peace and pursuit of purpose

• I genuinely care about the success of others

• My clients achieve results


Contact Details

speak2stacey Email: stacey@speak2stacey.com

Skype: speak2stacey