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Stacey Speller learned from a young age how to analyze, be bold and take intentional action in leadership. Born in Philadelphia, she was always one step ahead and was always destined for greatness. Stacey’s approach is to teach women what they are truly capable of; that they are powerful beyond belief and how they can truly live an Unwavering Life.

The author of two books, Directions 2 Destiny and The Designer Life. Stacey began her entrepreneurship on a global scale; traveling throughout the African continent in league with best-selling author John C. Maxwell. During this time, she delivered spiritual leadership and keynote presentations to many of the largest local churches, corporations and forums in the region. In addition to her speaking engagements, Stacey also worked as a repeat guest on Good Day South Africa, Rainbow FM & as a contributor to Africa’s monthly publication, Blaze

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