Results not Resolutions

It’s the start of a New Year and most people are in full-on resolution mode. I however don’t make resolutions, I make a plan. Here’s what I do instead:

  • Consider my desired results

  • Determine a realistic strategy

  • Set my intentions

This allows me to keep my eye on the prize. By focusing on the outcome, the end game if you will, that’s what will sustain me come April when a resolution is really just a distant memory.

This year the result I want is #Moderation. Sounds boring and bland to the casual observer. But here’s the one thing I know for sure, the results that are most impactful are found in your daily tendencies and behaviors. It’s not glamorous or cliche, it’s the stuff nobody really wants to talk about, let alone take responsibility for. I don’t take any pride in confessing that I lack moderation in my personal life. That I am an over-the-top, extreme, high achiever, perfectionist personality. The timeframes I live in are it’s already done or it’s getting done right now. Average is not an option and excellence should be the norm.

The problem is everyone doesn’t operate in that way, nor should they. This lack of moderation becomes the source of my angst and annoyance which is not serving my purpose at all. So a while ago when a trusted colleague answered my oh-so-demanding email with ?#Moderation? I had to take it in, to examine myself and own my shortcomings. And this year I am committed to calling that tendency to order. To give people the grace and liberty to work at a pace that makes sense for them, to value their gifts and talents without holding them to my standards, MY WAY of being.

As I write this blog I must give the disclaimer that as simple as this may sound to some of you, for me it’s a major undertaking. It’s like swimming upstream against the current. But I have to know what I want to accomplish, I have clarity and I am determined.

What I want for you is the satisfaction of knowing that on December 31, 2017, you will have accomplished what you intended.

What is the number one result you want to see at the end of 2017?

Please share your thoughts, questions, and comments.

Let’s grow together!