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How My Spiritual Temper Tantrum Turned Into Great Excitement

Have you ever had great anticipation for something you planned for months and then it just doesn’t work out?


Well, I did this past weekend and can tell you I was seriously disappointed.


Actually in all transparency I was really ticked off, had a spiritual temper tantrum with God and almost hosted a huge pity party in my honor.  Yes, after years of believing my inner control freak was in remission I realized that she is always available to wreck a little havoc in my life.


Last Saturday, I was scheduled to go to Dallas, Texas for the live launch of my new book, Rest Well: God’s Gift for a Good Night’s Sleep. []. After months of meticulous planning I learned a very valuable lesson, you can’t plan the weather. It actually snowed in Atlanta for almost 2 days and I was unable to get to Dallas.


To say I was disappointed is an understatement. You see this was personal for me, I was offended by Mother Nature because this book isn’t just words on a page, it’s me sharing my heart, my experience and how I learned to break the cycle of sleepless nights, to be at peace and yes to truly trust God and experience His peace.


The good news is I did what I have coached hundreds of women to do. I put an expiration date on my disappointment, took my thoughts captive to what God said and then I quickly shifted to what comes next.


That’s why I’m so excited because what comes next is the opportunity to share my new book – Rest Well: God’s Gift for a Good Night’s Sleep. []. To offer you the tools to master the things weighing you down by day and keeping you awake at night. It’s now available for purchase and makes a great Christmas gift for any woman who struggles with sleeping well.


To learn more, click here.[]

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  1. Hi Stacey! I just received my book today, best Christmas gift!! I can’t wait to dive in and read Rest Well! Thank you again very much and may the Lord bless you and keep you and shine His face upon you!

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