Here’s how you can avoid getting ghosted in your dating life

Have you ever been in a dead-end relationship and you have no idea what happened? Well, I’m going to help you with that.

My name is Stacey Speller and I’m a relationship expert. I help ambitious women just like you figure out what in the world is going on with their love life.

Now, I need you to remember that we do not judge here at Team Stacey. Because your girl here *points to self*, was the queen of relationship disasters. That’s why I’m so successful now and helping other ambitious women.

So I’m not telling you this as somebody who’s judging you. I’m telling you as somebody who’s made these mistakes and who now wants to help you.



So there are three things you need to ask yourself when you’re dating and when you’re interacting with a guy. These are three things that can really revolutionize your love life 

and those questions are:

#1 Is this something I need to speak up about?

So let’s say something happens. It could be anything. Maybe the guy was late texting or calling, or picking you up, or whatever it is. 

You need to in a very short period of time, and this is all happening in your head for about 10-20 seconds, ask yourself:

Is this something I need to speak up about?

Do I even need to say anything about it? Like is it going to matter in five hours? Is it going to matter in five minutes? Is it going to matter in five days?

If the answer is NO, then chances are you just don’t need to say anything and you can just let it go.



The second question, you absolutely need to ask yourself is

#2 Is this something that needs to be said by me?

Because maybe you’re not the person to deliver it. And here’s how, you know, if you kind of find yourself always wanting to criticize or pick something apart or if you find that you’re always complaining about how you don’t like it when certain things happen.

Then, maybe you’re not the best person to deliver it.

Maybe it should come from a family member, maybe a friend. Look, maybe the Lord needs to put it on his heart and tell them, but maybe it’s not you. 

Maybe you’re not the person who’s supposed to bring that up, and that’s okay.

Lastly, the third thing you need to ask yourself is

#3 Is this something I need to speak about right now?

Because maybe you do need to say something, and maybe you are the best person to say it, but maybe not right in that moment.

Ladies, I know it gets hard because something happens and it feels like it’s boiling up in your spirit and you just want to say it.

But maybe he had a tough day at work. Maybe he just got into a disagreement with his mother or his boss dumped a big project on him— it could be any number of things that if you say it right then and there, it’s not going to go well and it’s not going to be well-received.

Timing is everything.

So maybe the next day you’re able to say something, when it’s in a much more conducive place in time, and then you can say, “Hey, you know, by the way…” and that gives you time as well to just cool off and recognize how you can best deliver this to get the best result.


So, three questions:

  • Do I need to say anything?
  • Am I the person who needs to say it?
  • Do I need to say it right now?

Because these are the things that can cause you to sabotage your own relationships

So if this is something you struggle with, I know I did during my dating life and this even helps me now that I’m married, always ask yourself those three questions.

If this is you then I’ve got a free guide on all the top 10 tips behaviors that I see in ambitious women that can do some damage and sabotage your relationships. It’s available on my website right here 

Feel free to check it out and let me know what you think.  I always love to hear from you so drop me a comment below if this is something you want to work on!


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