The Two Reasons Why You’re Still Single

There comes a point where you find yourself questioning why in the world you’re still single. I’m about to tell you two of the main reasons why you are having a hard time in your dating life.

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As a relationship expert, I get so many messages from women just like you— women who are really trying to figure out why they are struggling in their love life.

You’re frustrated by constantly trying to figure it out— I hear you!



But here are 2 of the main things that are stopping you from finding true love. 

The first thing is, and I totally get this is you’re afraid. 

1. Emotional Baggage

You’ve had your heart broken before. I get it. 

I’ve had my heart dropkick-shattered-broken. I can remember being curled up on the sofa in the fetal position with a blanket over my head never wanting to leave the house again.

I understand what that feels like. But unresolved issues from heartbreak will keep you from actually finding the true love that you really desire.

You’ve just got to be willing to say, “I’m going to do the work and get whatever help I need to heal from this heartbreak.”

Because as long as you’re afraid, you’ve got the walls guarding your heart. You’ve got walls around you and those walls keep all the good quality guys out.

But guess what they attract?

They attract the losers. Why? Because that’s why they’re losers. They have nothing else to lose. They weren’t going to invest time. They weren’t going to invest their emotions or their energy into you.

They were cheap men looking for a good value and a bargain and if you were it, then fine.

If not, they’ll go find the next woman who will tolerate their emotional unavailability and unwillingness to commit. 



And so you’ve got to figure out what you need to do to heal, so that you don’t carry that residue from your heartbreak and that you’re not so afraid because it’s really really holding you back.

2. Self-sabotage

Your fear of another heartbreak is causing you to self-sabotage. 

You start thinking, “Okay, let me pick him apart, let me find something wrong with him.”

Then you will dismiss him or write him off before he can break your heart. 

You will find the most miscellaneous thing wrong with him.  Creating a narrative that, you don’t like this and you don’t like that. Eventually, you will form a pattern of dislikes that play out in your mind. 

Maybe he chews his food like the guy who broke your heart and you’ll sit there and think, “Oh, no, he did not.  He’s chewing his food like the ex. No. No, he has to go because I’m not having that again.”

And so you self-sabotage because you’re so afraid.

What should you do about it?

So here’s what I need you to do. 

I need you to take an inventory and think about whether you’re in a place where you’re healed. And if you’re not, I want you to do the work and get healed.

You’ve got to be healed before you can get ready to find true love.

And then I want you to start looking at some of those self-sabotaging behaviors because until you change those two things, you’re going to stay in that dating matrix. You will be wishing you’d taken the red pill to get out but still wanting to get out.

Okay, so that’s what I want to see you doing but let me hear from you.

What do you think is the number one thing you could do differently today to start unraveling some of the heartbreak from your past and those self-sabotaging habits?

Leave me a comment below…Let’s talk about it.


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