3 Ways to Break Free from Frustration

break free from frustration relationship expert and life coach Have you ever been so frustrated that you wanted to have an adult temper tantrum?

I have and can tell you for a fact that it can very quickly become the major source of your stress. You may be going along, doing life, making moves, and working toward your goals and then out of nowhere a boulder appears in the road that is completely out of your control.

Is your reaction fear, hopelessness, anger?? Yet think about how much more peaceful and abundant your life would be if you didn’t take on things that were out of your control? If you had the tools to help you stand your ground but within your circle of influence.

Yes, this is personal for me because it just happened. Last week I scheduled a free webinar on Facebook Live, called Meet Your Future Without Looking Like Your Past. I was really excited to share it because it was based on years of experience with professional women that at some point found themselves challenged by past experiences.

Unfortunately, Facebook had a worldwide outage at the exact time my live webinar was scheduled. Ladies were messaging they couldn’t log on and I immediately went into female fix-it mode. I single-handedly took on the entire weight of a Facebook technical glitch. The good news is that I came to myself quickly, the better news is that I’m sharing with you the exact strategy I used to coach myself through my frustration that was out of my control.

3 Ways to Break Free from Frustration

1. Make peace quickly.

The sooner you make peace with the fact that something happened but it is out of your control to solve it, the faster you can start getting clarity around what comes next. Give yourself permission to take a step back so you can recognize your humanity and refuse to take on issues outside of your wheelhouse to resolve. To think I could fix a worldwide Facebook outage was ridiculous but consider the challenges you are burdened by and decide if you need to make peace with them or get to work on them.

2. Pivot gracefully.

Whenever you experience extreme frustration by an unexpected problem that is out of your control, be willing to make a graceful pivot. This is done with your attitude and your approach. Positivity is everything when you have to pivot. Put your feelings on hold and then without a lot of wrangling, drama, and upset, see the situation for what it is and then pivot your thoughts into possibilities. Focus on the things that are within your sphere of influence and resolve to steer clear of things that are not. Learn how to stay in your lane.

3. Put it in perspective.

Whenever frustration shows up, perspective goes on vacation. You won’t just have the right perspective, you have to pursue it. You have to become very intentional about seeing your challenge through the proper lens. Because when you see it for what it is, you recognize that things out of your control are not worth your upset. In fact, I always remind myself that whenever I have the wrong perspective, I can not expect the right results. Being able to maintain perspective is nothing but a gift in the midst of any frustration.

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Are you currently experiencing something that has you bogged down and stressed out even though it is out of your control? Please share and let’s grow together!

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P.S. Because so many of you were unable to see me last week’s webinar, I repeated the webinar yesterday. Here’s the link.

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