7 Unexpected Ways To Build Confidence

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One of the common threads I have encountered with women in my extensive travel and years of speaking and coaching is that regardless of how dynamic, accomplished or successful we are? We can always use a boost of confidence, a reassurance that we are on the right track, making the right moves.


Here are 7 Unexpected Ways that I have seen firsthand that will give you a much-needed boost of confidence to help you thrive in business and in life:


7 Unexpected Ways to Boost Confidence


1. Be Authentic.

Living the life of your dreams requires you to drop the mask, excuse yourself from the expectations of others and become true to who you are. Be bold enough to recognize that the only way to accomplish your goals, reach your potential, and experience success is when you are living an authentic life.


2. Stay In Your Lane.

The moment you begin to compare yourself or compete with someone else is the moment you break your stride and lose your momentum. Everyone has a different race to run and the only person you want to be better than is whoever you were yesterday. Be bold enough to build your confidence by refusing to compare yourself to anyone else.


3. Change Your Mind.

The struggle to stay positive is real. Thoughts of self-doubt, negativity, and unbelief are constantly bombarding you. It’s critical to shift your thinking, to change your perspective, and be willing to embrace hope. Be bold enough to disrupt your negative, self-sabotaging thoughts and start thinking in terms of great possibilities and awesome outcomes.


4. Live In The Moment.

Spending too much time living in the past or worried about the future robs you of the ability to develop your confidence at the moment. Bad experiences and past mistakes cause you to have serious doubts about what comes next. Be bold enough to learn the lessons from your past, live in the moment, and then dare to expect better for the future.


5. Get Clarity and Be Bold.

Chaos keeps you so focused on what’s wrong that your confidence gets lost in the midst of all the drama. You’re unsure about your next career move, your relationship status, or even your life goals. And whenever there is a lack of clarity in your life, the voice of doubt will create a narrative that is never appealing or attractive. Be bold enough to take the necessary steps to clear out your emotional clutter, call your chaos to order and then move forward with clarity.


6. Forgive and Forget.

There is nothing more draining than carrying a grudge or hosting un-forgiveness in your heart. Holding on to an offense from someone else or constantly rehearsing your own regrets is the fastest way to turn your self-assurance into self-doubt. Be bold enough to forget about who offended you, or what you did wrong and become determined to exchange a former grudge for your future greatness.


7. Learn Something New.

The simple truth is that when you refuse to grow, you stunt your confidence. Life happens in real-time and what you knew last year or last month isn’t going to benefit you for today or give you the confidence for tomorrow. People that live the life of their dreams are always in a posture of learning, of being mindful that there is always room for growth. Be bold enough to be intentional about what you’re willing to learn and watch your confidence flourish.


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