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I grew up solving murder-mysteries…

I’m Stacey Speller. Born in Philadelphia, I’m a twin, mother, lifetime Christian & Unwaveringly BRAVE Woman. My dad was a homicide detective; it was from him that I first learned about solving problems with swift action & clear intention.

My mission is to teach other women what they are truly capable of; that they are powerful beyond belief, and how they can live a truly Unwavering Life. Drawing from my own experience & faith, I understand how to bring clear direction and courage to any woman’s troubles, fears, or excuses.

Women are capable of so much more…

My entrepreneurship began on the global scale, traveling throughout the African continent in league with best-selling author John C. Maxwell. During this time, I delivered spiritual leadership and keynotes to many of the largest local churches, corporations, & forums in the region. I was also blessed to work as a repeat guest on Good Day South Africa, Rainbow FM & as a contributor to Africa’s monthly publication, Blaze.

“Stacey’s in solution-mode before I’m able to get the last tear out.”

At Chapman University, I studied Political Science. My friends thought I would become a lawyer, but after working in and out of the courtroom with a Judge overseeing Family Law cases, I realized I was destined for more than argument and order. So, I enrolled in The Executive Leadership Institute (ELI), a program dedicated to grooming African American managers for the rigors of executive positions in public service organizations. I went out into the world and I supported myself working for the people and the causes that I believed in. And I found success, too.

I want to see you to run headstrong into the world–not back to me for help. 

Raised with a classical Charm School education & studied Ballet for 15 years. My crime-solving upbringing has been blanketed with a sincere knowledge of Grace & what it takes for women to live courageously. From these graceful foundations, I pull together the elements of what it takes to succeed as a Modern American Woman.

I use this to teach other women how to finish better, get on with their lives & ditch all the baggage that’s weighing them down. That’s the focus of The Life Mastery School for Ambitious Women™—to help more women BE Unwavering®.

BE Unwavering® – Now nothing can hold you back!



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