When I Almost Met The Queen, The Questions + Moving Forward

stacey speller standing between two Queen's guards moving forward life coach

Have you ever had one of those days that you are completely mindful of your uncommon favor?


Well recently, I had one of those days…


I had the opportunity to tour Windsor Castle while the Queen was what the British call “in-residence”. Translation for the rest of us, she was at home. And no, I didn’t get the chance to greet Her Royal Majesty, but I did get to experience a private tour of her beautiful castle with what they call, “backstage” access to all things royal; including a chance to chat with those people that serve the Queen directly.


Now I must tell you that one of the things people find so amusing about me is that I will ask the questions that everyone wants to know, but no one is bold enough to ask. My time at Windsor Castle was no exception. I asked everything from how they keep it clean to who gave the Queen a god-awful statue on her mantle that looked like Aunt Jemima from the pancake box.


But the most informative discussion by far was with the Queen’s Royal Guard. I chatted with the ones that travel with her between Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle. The ones that stand ramrod are still directly outside of the Queen’s homes. Regardless of whether or circumstance, they do two-hour shifts with wool uniforms and bearskin hats.


Getting beyond the discomfort of heat in the summer and cold in the winter, the burning question I needed answered was, how do you stand still for two hours? People make it their mission to try and distract them with taunts, jeers, jokes, or anything to get their attention. But it never works, they simply don’t move. I wondered if they even blinked, but they assured me that they do. So what’s the secret, what did I find out?


That they keep their eyes straight ahead and keep their thoughts on the mission of serving the United Kingdom.


How profoundly simple is that! Imagine what you could accomplish if you didn’t respond to distractions and stayed focused on your mission.


Consider the following:


1. Your purpose is too important for you to invest in distractions.

Your time is a seed that can be invested in things that produce a bountiful harvest or a hot mess.


2. Ignore the things that do not align with your purpose.

It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you ignore the things that are not aligned with your purpose. Staying focused on what God called you to accomplish is your reasonable service.


3. Eyesight will always see distractions but vision sees the prize.

When you allow yourself to be led by a divine vision, you won’t be distracted by what’s going on around you.


What I want for you is to learn how to graciously ignore foolishness so you can focus on being fruitful. To give yourself permission to become unapologetic about pursuing your purpose. And to recognize that everything that demands your time, doesn’t warrant your attention.


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Need clarity for what comes next?


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Abundant Blessings,




Stacey Speller is championing women to live life on purpose without limitations.

P.S. Ladies, I’m not actually vertically challenged, these guys are just 7′ tall. 🙂

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