Ready to Find Out What’s Actually Stopping You From Having A Quality Guy?

Have the Boss Babe career AND the man who absolutely adores you without having to lower your standards!

Does This Sound Familiar?

✓ You’re frustrated that you can’t find a quality guy AND truth be told, you are tired of trying.

 You’re confused by the guys who put you in the friend zone or just ghost you for no apparent reason.

 You’re overwhelmed by the emotionally unavailable guys who claim they aren’t ready for a relationship & won’t commit.

You’re underwhelmed by the selection of guys you meet who can’t recognize your value and treat you accordingly.

You’re exhausted by the insecure guys who are “intimidated” by your ambition, success and determination.


The Truth is Until You:

 Unravel the lies & stories you’ve been telling yourself about your love life.

 Understand how your potential partners are perceiving you.

 Recognize the role you’ve been playing in attracting the wrong type of men.

 Identify your self-sabotaging behaviors…

NOTHING is going to change…

If you want to finally attract, connect, & commit to a quality guy and have the relationship you deserve and desire, then keep reading!


Introducing Discover Your Relationship Blindspots:

Become an unstoppable woman who gains clarity and discovers a strategy to attract a quality guy!

What You Will Learn:

 Why you keep attracting the wrong type of guys and if you have toxic dating patterns.

Your go to emotions and how they can cause you to self-sabotage your relationships.

Your exact communication style and how it can be the reason you’re getting ghosted or sending mixed signals.

The type of energy you show up with and how that can keep guys from even approaching you.

How you respond to stress & change that can actually push away a good guy.

And how all of these factors are keeping you from the relationship of your dreams.


An electronic copy of my Best Selling Book:

Directions To Destiny…

A Roadmap To Find True Love

To take you from where you are to where you want to be in your love life.

Stop wasting time with emotionally unavailable men and

Start having meaningful connections with commitment minded guys.

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Hi, I'm Stacey

I am an ambitious, high-achieving woman that had MAJOR insecurity issues, an unresolved heartbreak and was ready to give up on finding true love.

I was a magnet for losers. The queen of #RelationshipDisasters.

And didn’t have a clue why.

But once I got some CLARITY

…Clarity around how I was being perceived

… Clarity around why I was attracting emotionally unavailable men

…Clarity around why guys assumed the wrong things about me

…Clarity around what I had to do to show up in a way that was aligned with my relationship goals & dreams.

Basically I learned how to master my love life…

I uncovered the secret sauce of turning my hot mess of a love life into a thriving marriage with a great guy.

now my mission is to teach YOU

I Want You To Take a Moment and Imagine…

The security of a steady & reliable partner instead of the casual hookups that offer nothing but emotional crumbs.

Having the clarity & confidence to meet a guy without having to wonder how he feels about you.

Attracting a guy who recognizes your worth & adds value to every area of your life.

Finally having a meaningful relationship with a guy who supports your success without triggering his own insecurities.

Connecting with a guy who shares your values, respects your boundaries AND is willing to commit.

What If I Told You…

That you can have all of this by simply deciding to:


A 60 Minute Group Coaching Call to Discover Your Relationship Blindspots

Gave Them The Clarity & Strategy To Attract A Quality Guy

In This Private 60 Minute Group Video Coaching Call You Will:

Discover your relationship blind spots and understand how you may be accidentally repelling the type of man who is perfect for you.

Find out why you keep getting ghosted or put in the friend zone by guys who claim they aren’t “ready for a serious relationship.”

Learn real life examples of how you can build a meaningful connection with a quality guy that goes much deeper than just a dating script.

I’m even pulling back the curtain and revealing how to accomplish your #RelationshipGoals so that you can finally have the love you deserve.

Giving you specific relationship keys.

The same ones that I used to attract my husband who is absolutely perfect for me. Without having to lower my standards or compromise my values.

And the best part is you’ll get a proven strategy from an objective expert who isn’t going to judge you but instead is committed to helping you have the healthy & happy relationship you deserve.

With everything you’re getting you’ll know exactly how to:

 Show up in the world confident about your ability to attract quality guys.

Ditch the “dating scripts” and start having authentic connection with a guy that’s perfect for you.

Feel relieved that you don’t have to lower your standards to have a guy who adores you.

Identify toxic dating patterns and what you can do about them.

With my exclusive Find True Love Private Video Coaching Call

You will be able to finally attract a quality guy without having to lower your standards…

Even if you’ve struggled with past relationships.

Find True Love Video Coaching Session is right for you if:

You’re an ambitious woman who’s achieved success in almost everything BUT finding true love

You are exhausted from crappy relationships that go nowhere and make you secretly wonder if there’s something wrong with you.

You want to be in a relationship with a great guy you can trust, who is financially & emotionally available.

You are a woman who’s made a major relationship mistake in the past and this time you are determined to get it right.

Find True Love Video Coaching Session is NOT right for you if:

❌ You are content with the dating games and dead end relationships for years to come if not for the rest of your life.

❌ You believe all you need to find true love is the right dating app, the ability to fit into some tight jeans & a target rich environment to find your Boo.

❌ You are not prepared to recognize what you contributed to your relationship failures and would prefer to just blame the guys.

❌ You are unwilling to understand what role you play in attracting a certain type of guy taking action to have the love you deserve.


Here are a few answers to our most common questions

Listen we’ve all been there and tried doing anything and everything we thought would work that… just didn’t. But I truly believe that understanding how you’re coming across to your potential partners is the key for you to start attracting better. So not only do I believe this private coaching session will give you the clarity of what’s been keeping you from finding a great guy, I also believe that your new level of awareness, will make the whole dating process feel so much easier.

After coaching over 2 thousand women I have pretty much heard it all. No question is off limits, if you think about it during our time together, don’t hesitate to ask me.

Absolutely! This assessment is designed to give you a detailed report to help you thrive in all of your relationships.

This is a transformative experience based on years of coaching successful women just like you. From a college professor that had confidence issues, to a bank manager that needed help with making better decisions, to a cell phone company executive that needed to tackle some self-sabotaging behaviors, this will change how you show up in the world for the better.

YES! You will get a summary sheet and a very detailed report with all your results along with the relationship keys you can start using immediately.

The real question is, “Can you afford not to?” Now I’m not the kind of person who would pressure you into anything that would make you stressed about money. But, here’s what I will say. This is an investment in YOURSELF and if there was even just one thing this session uncovered for you that changed the entire trajectory of your love life…that’s priceless!

No More Letting Fear Stop You!
It’s time to take Action
To Find True Love

So that you can attract a quality guy without having to lower your standards…

Even if you’ve struggled with past relationships.

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