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As you go through life as an ambitious and high-achieving woman, you find that accomplishing your goals comes with ease, but connecting with a quality man becomes increasingly more difficult.

When you’ve come so far in your career and personal growth, the last thing you want is to be defined by a man. 

But the longer you go without a partner, the more concerned you get that you never will.

Then people start pointing out that you aren’t getting any younger. They start asking you if you’re seeing anyone and when you’re going to settle down. Everyone tells you to either go out more or try online dating to meet your forever guy. 

As if you haven’t tried hard enough to find a partner.

You think it might be because of emotionally unavailable men or the non-committal guys who are intimidated by your strength and ambition. 

But what you really need to understand is this…

The truth is that if you are serious about finding true love, you have to unravel all the stories and the lies you’ve been telling yourself that are keeping you from having it.  

Until you deal with your emotional baggage, dating decision-making, and lack of clarity around God’s best for your life, none of the other dating things matter because you aren’t relationship-ready. 

And unfortunately, you will keep repeating the same patterns, attracting the wrong type of men, and wasting time on dead-end relationships because of how you’re showing up in the world.

How do I know all that?

Because I’ve heard it all before, Sis! 

The fears, apprehension, and indecisiveness about love and relationships are common problems among high-achieving women like you. I’ve been helping women work on these issues for the past ten years! So know that I completely understand what you’re going through and your heart is in good hands.

Hi, I’m Stacey Speller, and I’m here to help you find true love. Unlike many people giving “advice”, which is fleeting and trendy, I share wisdom. The information that allows you to go beyond a date or a text and have a real connection that leads to building a meaningful, fulfilling relationship.

I have a thriving and happy marriage. I know what it takes for a strong, ambitious woman to marry a perfect man for her. In the past decade of helping over a thousand women find love in their lives, I’ve come up with a formula that’s proven to be exactly what these women need to finally attract, connect and commit to a guy that is perfect for them.

How can I help you finally find true love?

I truly believe that no woman should ever have to lower her standards or minimize her power just to attract and keep a man. And that’s why I created…

How To Find True Love Without Having To Lower Your Standards

A 2-month online LIVE group coaching program for ambitious high-value women who are tired of wasting time on dead-end relationships.

I call it My D.A.T.E. Method.

My D.A.T.E. Method is the secret to unlock your ability to attract, connect and commit to a quality guy.


your relationship blindspots


what you want out of a relationship and the type of guy that is perfect for you


the things that are stopping you from finding true love


next-level confidence so that you show up in the world as a magnet for the relationship you deserve & desire.




We offer an in-depth relationship blindspots personality and behavioral assessment.

Learn your specific love persona and how that impacts the type of guys you are attracting to become intentional about having the kind of energy that magnetizes you to the right type of man.

You will learn:

  • Why you attract emotionally unavailable men who won’t commit
  • Your exact communication style so that you can actually create an authentic connection without sending mixed signals to the type of man you would want to build a future with
  • How to attract a man with vision who can recognize your worth
  • How to have authentic feminine energy that makes you a magnet for quality men
  • Why you’re not meeting the right type of guys for you


Are you secretly afraid of true emotional intimacy for fear of being hurt, being controlled, or having to play small?
If the answer is yes. This will be priceless for your love life.

You will learn:

  • How to unpack your emotional baggage from past heartbreaks so that you don’t push the good guys away for fear of being hurt again.
  • How to Identify your emotional triggers so that you can avoid being ghosted or put in the friend zone.
  • How to tear down the walls you’ve built that are keeping the quality men away and without having to fear rejection or heartbreak.
  • How to discern between chemistry and true emotional connection so that you can choose wisely.


Balanced vulnerability with strong boundaries are the secret sauce to elevating your love life. You will learn how to be a graceful invitation to men with your vulnerability but balance it with boundaries every woman of worth needs.

You will learn:

  • How to establish solid boundaries effectively without coming across as too aggressive or too passive but instead as a high-value woman who is serious about her relationship goals.
  • How to say no with grace and without guilt so that you never have to worry about being taken for granted or taken advantage of.
  • How to express your feelings and emotions that draws men closer instead of pushing them away or putting you in the “friend zone.”
  • How to deal with your emotional triggers, so that they don’t sabotage your relationships.
  • How to walk away from any man that isn’t give you what you deserve & desire.


It’s time to stop questioning your worthiness as a woman! This will give you the tools and skills to tap into the greatness inside of you so that you never have to wallow in self-doubt.

You will learn:

  • How to feel “good enough” for an amazing man without comparing yourself to the looks or achievements of other women.
  • How to create a healthy connection with a man without feeling insecure about how he will respond to you.
  • How to validate and love yourself to fill that inner void that you try to fill with men.
  • How to heal that “needy little girl” inside of me that actually pushes the good guys away.
  • How to trust yourself more and amplify that positive energy into your dating decision making.


As a woman of worth you need high standards without having to come across as being too picky or judgemental. In matters of the heart you attract what you expect and it’s that kind of energy that is so powerful in creating the love life of your dreams.

You will learn:

  • How to manage your level of emotional attachment early in the relationship.
  • How to identify the common red flags quickly without having to experience the heartbreak of a dead-end relationship.
  • How to navigate the logistics of dating with a purpose before it becomes exclusive.
  • How to date effortlessly and actually have fun without having to kiss too many frogs to find your prince.


In order to create a meaningful connection that can rapidly progress to the next level you must recognize that MEN ARE DIFFERENT than women. This is how you go from being just someone he’s seeing to someone he sees a future with.

You will learn:

  • Why quality men appreciate your boundaries and will respect your “no” contrary to what you may believe.
  • How to connect with a man’s heart and create an emotionally safe place for him.
  • How to stop being a” social worker woman” and start teaching him how to treat you like the queen that you are.
  • Why do men fizzle out after coming on strong at the beginning
  • How to be proactive in creating positive tension in your interaction with men that gives them the desire for moving towards commitment.

But It Doesn’t Stop There…

You Deserve Everything You Want And So Much More. While We Can’t Throw A Lasso Around The Moon, We Can Give You A Few FREE Added Bonuses To Sweeten The Deal!

Bonus # 1
Comprehensive Personality & Behavioral Assessment

This will help you uncover your relationship blind spots and understand how a potential partner perceives you. With this assessment, you will know exactly what you can do to attract the love you deserve.

Valued at $297

Bonus # 2
EBook: Directions To Destiny On The Road To Find True Love + Video Guide

Read all about the real-life practical examples of women just like you who met their match and found relationship success

Valued at $97

Bonus # 3
Private Facebook Community For 3 Months

A Facebook group made especially for you to learn from other like-minded women. Ask questions, share experiences, and spark ideas, all the while having direct access to me (Stacey) to either share a win or get your questions answered!

Valued at $697

Bonus # 4
PDF Cheat Sheet: To Guide You In Creating Your Personalized Roadmap For Finding True Love

Including specific relationship keys to set yourself up for massive success.

Valued at $197

Bonus # 5
10 Red Flags To Identify An Emotionally Unavailable Man

Stop wasting time on guys who drain your confidence and leave you wondering if something is wrong with you.

Valued at $19.97

What if you DIY your love story?

There are, of course, other options when it comes to love-related assistance, such as group coaching with other experts for 20 like-minded women at a time. Be warned, however, because these sessions can cost you up to $2700!

Premium matchmaking sites, on the other hand, can cost you up to $10,000/year. That’s a huge dent in anyone’s savings, but of course, if you find The One, then maybe you’ll consider it worth the extra money. After all, who can put a price on love?

But the true cost of all these is the loss of your peace of mind and heart by remaining on the relationship rollercoaster if you don’t. And if you don’t change how you’re showing up, you will still end up single a year from now.

When you add it all up, that's a total value over $4485!

(ridiculously small compared to all the value you’ll receive in the program)

Join Today & Find A Loving and Healthy Relationship

For only $897

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Imagine yourself 5 years from now. Two things could happen.

You get dressed for a Friday night date with some guy you met online. You laugh at all his jokes even if they aren’t that funny and find yourself getting bored. You come home to an empty house and pour yourself a glass of wine and tell yourself you’ll try again next time. You’re still on that same emotional rollercoaster of dating you were on years ago. You’re still trapped in an endless cycle of first dates and dead-end relationships that drain your emotional energy, break your heart, and zap your confidence.



You can get dressed for your anniversary date with the man you love. You spend the whole night smiling or holding back laughter because you can’t contain the happiness you feel when you’re with him. You never second-guess his feelings, you openly communicate your needs, and every moment feels perfect. You finally have a meaningful relationship with a guy who supports your success without triggering his own insecurities. You have the security of a steady and reliable partner who shares your values and is willing to commit.


Of course, you want that second option! Who doesn’t? And it’s time we found you the true love that you deserve.

So, it’s not gonna be easy. It’s gonna be really hard. We’re gonna have to work at this every day, but I want to do that because I want this for you. I want you to have your forever, every day.


Yes, that was a The Notebook reference. And yes, you can leave it to me and we can figure out the best way to write your own Nicholas Sparks-esque love story

Customers reviews

What people say


Need more help? We’ve got you covered!

Find the answers to some of the regular questions we get about the group coaching sessions below.

Listen we’ve all been there and tried doing anything and everything we thought would work that… just didn’t. But I truly believe that understanding how you’re coming across to your potential partners is the key for you to show up at your best and start attracting better. So not only do I believe this group coaching session will give you the clarity of what’s been keeping you from finding a great guy, but I also believe that your new level of awareness will make the whole dating process feel so much easier.

After coaching over 2 thousand women, I have pretty much heard it all. No question is off-limits. If you think about it during our time together, don’t hesitate to ask me.

YES! You will get an individual summary sheet with all of your results.

The real question is, “Can you afford not to?” Now I’m not the kind of person who would pressure you into anything that would make you stressed about money. But, here’s what I will say. This is an investment in YOURSELF and if there was even just one thing this group coaching uncovered for you that changed the entire trajectory of your love life…that’s priceless!

This is a transformative experience based on years of coaching successful women just like you. From a college professor that had confidence issues, to a bank manager that needed help with making better decisions, to a cell phone company executive that needed to tackle some self-sabotaging behaviors, this will change how you show up in the world for the better.

Absolutely! This assessment is designed to give you a detailed report to help you thrive in all of your relationships.

Let’s talk about that. Send an email to team@staceyspeller.com and let us know what parts of the program didn’t connect with you.







Customers reviews

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