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Growing UP

Have you ever met someone who treats growth like a dirty word?


Well, I have and it is always best to run in the opposite direction.


I was chatting with a young woman who had made a decision earlier in the year, that she was going to be committed to her personal development. She had set some ambitious goals and wanted to grow in some key areas in her life. Her challenge was that she was frustrated and disappointed because the people closest to her seemed disinterested in growing and some even had snide comments that she had changed.


Here are 5 Powerful Truths To Help You Grow Beyond Your Critics:


1. Growth is intentional

Growth is not contagious, it is intentional. Some people are simply set in their ways and will only grow through pain, not purpose.


2. Your company does not change

The company you keep does not change just because you did. You can’t expect the people around you to suddenly value growth just because you have embraced it.


3. Deciding to grow should always be your decision

Growth is always an inside job, not a group activity. Your decision to grow is just that, your decision.


4. Losers dislike growth

Fruitless people will always resent your growth. Some people will never be happy with your success, no matter how hard you work.


5. You are a shining example of what others need to work on

Sometimes your growth is a stark reminder to others of the things they need to improve upon. It can be hard for people in this world, especially those close with you who might not want change or get how great it actually feels when everything changes.


What I want for you is to make peace with the fact that fruitless people are always offended and intimidated by growth. It is not personal against you, it is shameful for them because they are committed to nothingness.


Be bold enough to grow at your own pace, prepare to outgrow some situations, and manage your expectations for the people around you that are committed to more of the same.


Have you ever faced resistance to your growth? Do you need to grow beyond the comfort of others? Let me hear from you.


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