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How Smart Women Actually Get the True Love You Deserve By Mastering Your High-Value Mindset - MasterClass

MANIFEST gives you my proven 4-Step Find True Love Process that has helped over 250 of my clients go from single and struggling in unfulfilled relationships, to forever committed with a quality man.



This is an online, self-study program that a busy woman like you can do at your own pace to completely SHIFT the way you show up to attract high-quality men.



It only took me 1 year to go from a hot mess “situationship” to a happy marriage using the same process!


‘MANIFEST’ is my most powerful inner work program for the single professional woman who wants to attract true love into her life in the shortest amount of time.



This program is a perfect fit for the single ambitious woman who is tired of struggling in your love life and is ready to take ownership of your relationships patterns by doing the inner work…

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MANIFEST: Get The Love You Deserve will help you do exactly this, using my tried and tested 4-step D.A.T.E. FOR Love Attraction Method that has led to hundreds of engagements, happy marriages, committed relationships and even some “WOW” babies.

I’ve helped hundreds of women like you figure out what's really going on in their dating lives so that they can finally stop wasting time and energy on the wrong men and start attracting the right ones. And now I want to help YOU!

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3 Life Changing Modules in 1 Program:

Unraveling The Lies That Keep You Single

Attracting true love gets so much easier when you believe you deserve it.

This module will help you if:

Mastering The Relationship With Yourself

If you don’t love yourself, how can you expect a man to love and adore you?

This module will help you if:

Busting Vulnerability Fears & Removing The Blocks To Love

What if the things you are holding on to are holding you back from true love?
This module will help you if:

Plus Bonuses...

Roadmap To Finding True Love Bundle.


Includes an electronic copy of my best-selling book: Directions To Destiny PLUS Roadmap To Love Video Guide.

My breakthrough workbook 10 Signs of An Emotionally Unavailable Man with exercises to help you identify and deal with a man who is not connecting or committing.

My Connecting Conversations Cheat Sheet to help take the stress out of trying to create meaningful connections.

What You Get When You Dive In TODAY:

Lifetime access to exclusive video content to study at your own pace.

In-depth, PDF worksheets with every module, that will help you self-reflect, integrate the content more deeply & have personal breakthroughs.

The Best Part – Email Access to me to ask me any questions you have about the class. (Value: PRICELESS)

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