Rest Well Book God’s Gift For A Good Night’s Sleep ebook


This book is for women who are trying to hold it all together by day but can’t let it go and sleep at night. Women who struggle with:

  • Revisiting the past, second guess the present and worry about the future
  • Worrying about the thoughts, opinions, and judgment of other people
  • Playing the what if game in your head thinking of every worst case scenario
  • Shutting off your mind so you can get some sleep

Stacey Speller wrote this 90-day devotional to help women who are struggling with worry, doubt, lack of confidence, hopelessness, and fears. To provide strategies, that took her years to master, in a very practical and relevant format.


Written with real-life experiences, this book gives women the strategy for taking back their life by breaking free from the things that weigh them down by day and keeping them up at night.

This is truly a tool that puts God’s grace directly in your hands – and will change the way you sleep, the way you feel, and the way you show up in life.