The Designer Life 10 Steps To Take Back Your Life and Live Book


Who Hijacked My Life?

  • Do you feel trapped in your yesterday?
  • Do the consequences of failure scare you?
  • Do you wish you had the courage to demand a change in your circumstance?
  • Are you accepting a make do lifestyle?
  • Are you living life on your own terms or someone else?s opinions?

What if you could learn how to take your dreams off hold and take back your life.

Stop sabotaging your own chance at success and take charge of your life.


The Designer Life designs a path to clarity of purpose, peace of mind, and the joy that comes from taking on God’s amazing plan for your life.

In this refreshingly, entertaining how-to guide, you will receive practical tips and straightforward strategies from expert Stacey Speller on how to:

  • Take charge of your thoughts and purge unnecessary doubts
  • Empower yourself
  • Take ownership of your destiny

Why We Love it:

With Stacey Speller’s raw, honest and expert advice, you will be inspired to improve your life, find the confidence to reach your goals and experience true success. Get ready to start seeing results and have an urgency of purpose that will transform your life.

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