Put Faith In Action

Every year I develop faith goals for myself. A theme of sorts that guides my spiritual walk. This year I have purposed to have a Positive Disruption in my life. To completely interrupt business as usual and more of the same. I believe it’s easy to become a complacent Christian when you’ve arrived at a certain place? When you’re not contemplating murder, stealing, or lying. You run the risk of thinking you’ve got this love walk thing figured out and you can just put your spiritual development on cruise control.

But the one thing I finally know for sure is that true faith isn’t mastered, it?s a daily determination to grow more like God today than I was yesterday. To experience the supernatural of God and to be a living example that greater works shall you do? And in order to do that, I must be willing to do the following:

  • Disrupt my comfort zone To stretch my faith beyond anything I’ve ever experienced and tap into ALL things possible.
  • Get my personality and my preferences out of the way so God can have His way.
  • Reject any form of complacency so that I can run my race like I intend to win the prize.

What I want for you is the ability to know and experience the exceeding and abundant blessings of God. To take Him at His word the first time. No second-guessing or negotiating with the voice of doubt. Just a simple Yes and Amen. To marry your faith with your purpose and become unstoppable. And to know that before the ball could drop in Times Square, God already made all things new.

Please share your thoughts and comments.

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