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Lessons From My Spiritual Temper Tantrum

Have you ever had great anticipation for something you planned for months and then it just doesn’t work out???

Well, I did this past weekend and can tell you I was seriously disappointed.

And let’s be real, disappointment is kryptonite to an ambitious woman.

Actually in all transparency I was really ticked off, had a spiritual temper tantrum with God and almost hosted a huge pity party in my honor.

Yes, after years of believing my inner control freak was in remission I realized that she is always available to wreck a little havoc in my life.

Last Saturday, I was scheduled to go to Dallas, Texas for the live launch of my new book,

Rest Well: God’s Gift for a Good Night’s Sleep…

Rest Well Book

After months of meticulous planning I learned a very valuable lesson, you can’t plan the weather. It actually snowed in Atlanta for almost 2 days and I was unable to get to Dallas.

What in the world… it almost NEVER snows in Atlanta. In fact I’ve never had travel plans cancelled here due to weather.

To say I was disappointed is an understatement! You see this was personal for me.

I’m not proud but I’m honest & I’m human. 

I had the nerve to be offended by Mother Nature.

Yep! It’s true.

Because you see this book isn’t just words on a page.

This is about me sharing my heart. It is my moment of vulnerability. Where I share my struggles in a brutally transparent way.

And how I learned to break the cycle of sleepless nights.

To finally lean into His goodness with an unwavering faith so that I can experience His peace.

The good news is that in the midst of my disappointment. In the midst of what didn’t go according to plan…

I did what I have coached hundreds of women to do.

I took a dose of my own medicine and guess what… it worked.

Here’s what I did:

1. I put an expiration date on my disappointment.


One of the things I know for sure is that disappointment loves to linger. It will make itself right at home. Come into your space, get comfy on your couch, put her feet up and won’t want to leave.

Like a pesky houseguest that doesn’t know she has overstayed her welcome.

In fact disappointment can become personal if you’re not careful.

It will draw you into the “why me” syndrome which completely zaps your energy and gets you off course.

2. I took my negative thoughts captive.

renewed mind


There is nothing like focusing on what God said verses how you feel in the moment.

In fact a renewed mind is one of the most powerful tools an ambitious woman can have.

I like to say don’t leave home without it.

Because truth be told, left to my own devices, my thoughts can go spiraling down a rabbit hole and not know how to come back. I find it’s better to take negative thoughts captive as soon as possible.

3. I pivoted away from what happened and shifted toward the future.


The simple truth is this…

Disappointment is a distraction!

It keeps you stuck in what happened. Upset about something that is beyond your control. And it causes you to completely lose sight of the things that really matters.

It’s like a silent assassin of your faith. Because it leaves you vulnerable to the voice of doubt who is always available to try and get you off course. To convince you that things never work out for you anyway.

You could be disappointed about travel plans but by the time the voice of doubt gets finished having his way with you.

You have thought about every wrong relationship that didn’t work out.

Every promotion you didn’t get that you know you deserved.

And yes every time you believed God for something and He didn’t come through the way you think He should, in the timeframe you set for Him. As if He is sitting in heaven waiting to say, “how high” when we say jump.

your faith””

That’s why I’m so excited because what comes next is the opportunity for me to share my new book –

Rest Well: God’s Gift for a Good Night’s Sleep…

To offer you the tools to master the things weighing you down by day and keeping you awake at night.


I’m confident that this book is a must-have for any ambitious woman who has ever struggled with turning her brain off, casting her cares to God and just resting.

It’s now available for purchase and makes a great Christmas gift for any woman who struggles with sleeping well.

To learn more, click here.

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