• This book is for women who are trying to hold it all together by day but can't let it go and sleep at night. Women who struggle with:

    • Revisiting the past, second guess the present and worry about the future
    • Worrying about the thoughts, opinions, and judgment of other people
    • Playing the what if game in your head thinking of every worst case scenario
    • Shutting off your mind so you can get some sleep

    Stacey Speller wrote this 90-day devotional to help women who are struggling with worry, doubt, lack of confidence, hopelessness, and fears. To provide strategies, that took her years to master, in a very practical and relevant format.

  • Who Hijacked My Life?

    • Do you feel trapped in your yesterday?
    • Do the consequences of failure scare you?
    • Do you wish you had the courage to demand a change in your circumstance?
    • Are you accepting a make do lifestyle?
    • Are you living life on your own terms or someone else?s opinions?

    What if you could learn how to take your dreams off hold and take back your life.

    Stop sabotaging your own chance at success and take charge of your life.

  • Some women ask ?What?s Love Got To Do With It? Stacey say's...EVERYTHING!

    Are you ready to unleash true love?

    Directions To Destiny is as practical as it is insightful. It provides a navigational roadmap that leads to personal growth, confidence, and self-love. It?s that book that every woman can relate to in a very profound way.

    Stacey Speller, nudges you off the edge of your comfort zone and shows you how to trust the power of the process.

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