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The Logistics of Leadership

The Logistics of Leadership

Leadership is more than lip service, it is a lifestyle that inspires people to follow not because they have to, but because they want to. Strong emphasis is placed on addressing the pressures of leadership and being committed to leading by example. Topics include capacity building, leading diverse work teams and influencing the culture.

Can You C.O.P.E.

Can you C.O.P.E.

Culture, Organization, Perspective, Engagement

The digital transformation revolutionized the workplace. Organizations are forced to COPE with the rapid pace of change. Topics include the impact of Millennials, GenXers and Boomers on team dynamics; changing the conversation; adjusting perspectives; and managing expectations while working towards achieving business goals.

Become unwavering

Become unwavering

More than GPS, this is a tour guide to teach women how to navigate through inevitable difficulties and identify the blind spots that we all encounter in life. Transformational leadership starts with learning how to say yes to better when you’ve experienced the worst.



Engineering, Supply Chain and Tech companies continue to be male dominated. Women must adopt the strategies men use to advance their careers. When mere change isn’t enough and more of the same is no longer an option, its time to disrupt the norm. This is a roadmap for radical change to position women for 21st century leadership. Become a brave new woman!

Firm up Your A.S.K.

Firm up your A.S.K.

Assertiveness, Skills, Knowledge. An opportunity for women to identify their strengths and how to best manage the traits that can be your best friend when managed properly and your worst enemy when managed improperly. Discover how to exchange mediocrity with excellence by becoming your best self both personally and professionally.

The Designer life

The Designer life

Designing your life liberates you from the self-imposed limitations that have kept you bound and allows you to embrace a purpose that is even greater than yourself. Stop letting life just happen to you and start letting life happen for you.

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