The 1 Thing To Do When Your Back Is Against The Wall

Have you ever felt like your back was against the wall and you have run out of options?

Well, I have and can tell you it’s an uncomfortable place but it can become a defining moment. One that you will look back on with gratitude and appreciation because when your back was against the wall, you decided to draw a line in the sand and determine that you will be resilient, resolute, and resourceful enough to seek a solution and find a way forward.

After all, anyone can do well when all conditions are right. But the woman who can thrive in spite of the circumstance being all wrong; is what elevates you to rock star status in both your personal and professional life.

Recently I coached Sue,? a very high-performing professional woman in the IT industry that had been in the same managerial position in her organization for many years. Sue felt like she was boxed into a dead-end situation with her career because she wanted to see progress but the leaders of the company were content with business as usual.

The only options available within the company would just amount to lateral moves and Sue felt like all of her hard work, education, and creative ideas were wasting away.

When? I unpacked the issues with Sue, she realized just how much her professional frustration was plaguing her personal life. Her family had become collateral damage for her dissatisfaction and that just compounded the problem.

So what’s a woman to do when her back is against the wall? How did I help this woman? I told her what I’m sharing with you, Smile and Summon. Yes that’s it just smiles and summon your inner courage. The ability to have courage is the one thing that transforms a dead-end situation into a pivotal moment. What does courage have to do with anything you may ask. EVERYTHING!

3 Boss Moves To Step Away From The Wall:

1. The courage to move forward. Yes, when your back is against the wall the tendency is to do nothing, to embrace being stuck because it’s comfortable, and takes the pressure off. You don’t have to make a decision or do anything different. It’s the cruise control pathway that leads to nowhere. Yet when your back is against the wall, you are in the absolute best position to move forward. Your preferred future? is in front of you and when you have the courage to take that first step of faith.

2. Clarity Around The Options. The uncomfortable truth is that sometimes what you call being stuck without options simply isn’t realistic. Saying your back is against the wall can often be used as an excuse because you don’t prefer the options you’ve been presented with. It’s like you want to advance your career but you don’t want to go through the application and interview process. If you are sincere about change, however, you will do what it takes to get the results that you want. Get the courage to face your options, even those you don’t prefer knowing that as you move forward, you can upgrade to better options.

3. Eliminate Self-Imposed Limitations. Having your back against the wall is really nothing more than limitations that keep you from pursuing or acting on your stated objective. But what happens when the limitations you’ve embraced are self-imposed? This is when you have to summon the courage to ditch the crutch of? I can’t? and stand with strength and boldness knowing that you can. That you are more powerful than you realize and that the pity party is over and you? re ditching the damsel in distress routine. It’s so unproductive anyway.

What I want for you is the ability to smile in the midst of difficulty and then use these tools to propel yourself forward, to thrive, and then build upon each victory you experience.

Do you feel like your back is against the wall? Have you had to overcome a difficulty that seemed like you didn’t have any options?

Please share and let’s grow together.

Sue realized that her discontentment was really based on the fact that she had outgrown her employer and she was really ready to transition into IT consulting where she could do what she loves and step outside of the box.

Abundant Blessings,

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