What Gangsta Rap Taught Me About Alignment

What Gangsta Rap Taught Me About Alignment_smart womenHave you noticed there are certain buzzwords that get our attention now but leave us questioning how to attain them?

Alignment is the word that comes to mind; an important concept and certainly a necessary tool in the professional woman’s faith arsenal.

Achieving your goals, living life on purpose, and having a positive impact on your life and those you influence requires your actions to be in agreement with not only who you are, but what you believe. And the best way I can demonstrate what alignment looks like is to give you an up-close and personal example of something that is wholeheartedly misaligned.

Recently, I had the opportunity to take my first ride with UBER. I assumed the drivers would likely be male, very young, and just trying to find their way in life. Perhaps a punk rocker with tons of tattoos and piercings in places that cause you to just? wonder, ?but why??

Imagine my surprise when the Uber driver pulled up in the driveway and it was an elderly woman that looked like a classic church mother. You know, the ones with white opaque stockings, a laced doily handkerchief in her lap, a few mints in her purse, and sensible shoes. She also had an old-school Jheri curl perm that allowed me to envision her with a white tam on her head on the first Sunday of the month.

As I got in the car and saw the knitted cover she had on her tissue box, a bible in the passenger seat, and a cross hanging from her rearview mirror, I assumed I was in for a very calm and peaceful ride to my destination.


Mother Uber started the car and full-on gangsta rap music started playing on the radio. At that moment I realized how real, and how self-sabotaging misalignment can be. Consider the following:


3 Things That “Sabotage” Your Alignment:


1. The mundane areas of your life that have become blind spots for misalignment.

Recognizing that every encounter has an impact and divine opportunities don’t always announce themselves. The very people or situations you think are insignificant, that they can’t teach you anything or offer you something of value. And even though you want to experience better in life, you don’t bring your “A” game, your winning attitude because you don’t think it matters. But what you have deemed as meaningless could very well be your personal or professional game-changer.


2. The external symbols you rely upon to convince people who you really are.

It could be a designer handbag or red-bottom shoes to announce your financial/professional success. Perhaps it’s a cross hanging from your rearview mirror or the “Too Blessed To Be Stressed” coffee mug you tote around your workplace to convince everyone how faithful and righteous you really are.? But alignment is a state of being that doesn’t need to be announced and it certainly doesn’t need to prove a point. Instead, it’s about being willing to do the internal, heart-level work that will pay much greater rewards.


3. The thoughts of negativity and doubt that move you away from your purpose.

I always say it’s not the thoughts you have but the thoughts you keep that do you the most harm. When you have great expectations and want to experience the desires of your heart, you can’t afford to let your thoughts camp out in a place that is a complete contradiction to what you want for your life. There is nothing more powerful for being in alignment than being able to take your thoughts captive and then think on things of good report.


What I want for you is the peace of mind and heart that comes from pursuing your purpose in alignment with who you are and what you believe. Where you don’t have to say a word because your fruit does all your talking.

Do you have some areas in your life that are not aligned to your goals or your purpose?

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