My truth of becoming a successful leader is…

I went from being a high-achieving, yet incredibly insecure woman with a “leadership title”…

To an authentically confident leader.

Now I wield my influence with humility and I’m unapologetic about the value I bring to the table.

Stacey Speller | Leadership coaching

I had a seat at the table but I still felt invisible & insecure.

The truth is…

That’s what happens when you show up in the world with a strong sense of self-worth and awareness. With the right kind of energy that comes from leaning in to your strengths.

With extreme clarity around what you’re truly capable of without all of the emotional clutter and self-doubt that causes you to second guess yourself.

And with the confidence of knowing that you can declare time’s up on playing small…because you play to win!

You’re a high-achieving woman

woman balancing work duties | women leaders

Who feels like you’re on the women in leadership high-wire…

Frustrated by the balancing act of being a bold, decisive & effective leader without being viewed as aggressive and overbearing.

You’re extremely motivated and ready to go to that next level in your career and don’t want to feel like your gender or your race will hold you back.

You want to be an authentic leader but it feels like you have to “lead like a man” in order to be taken seriously.

You’re exhausted from trying to put on the front of looking like you have it all together when behind the scenes…

You’re full of self-doubt, wondering if you have what it takes and praying you don’t drop one of the many balls you’re juggling!

You don’t want to sacrifice your personal life just to have a successful career.

You know deep down inside you have so much untapped potential and are capable of so much more.

Basically you want to show up in life & lead like a B.O.S.S

Taking BOLD action toward your goals & the outcomes you truly desire

Having an OPTIMISTIC mindset with an unstoppable attitude

Being STEADFAST in what you value and yet agile in your approach

Standing STRONG in your personal power and sitting confidently at whatever table you occupy.

woman smiling | successful leader

Let me show you how to get what you want easier, faster and with more joy.

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Uncover Your Leadership Blindspots Assessment

…Do you feel like sometimes you’re misunderstood in the workplace or missing out on opportunities but you don’t know why?

…Worried that you might be coming on too strong and intimidating?

…Struggle to have difficult conversations and advocate for yourself for fear of upsetting or offending the people around you?

…Wish you could understand how you’re being perceived by your work colleagues and interact in a more impactful way?

woman in blindfold | leadership blindspots assessment

We all have blindspots…

Where you might not realize how you’re coming across until someone objective points it out.

If you want to get to the bottom of what you’re doing that may be what’s holding you back?

Let ME show you how to become a confident authentic leader who’s ready for your next level…

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This is a great option…

To get started working with me. A chance to dip your toe in the water.

With this Behavioral Assessment + Private Coaching Session I will be able to tell you exactly what you’re doing wrong, what you need to lean in to and what you need to change to get from where you are to the next level of where you want to be in your career + your life.

Let ME take the guesswork out of what’s keeping you from going to your next level…

1:1 Leadership Coaching

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Want to fast track your process and build your corporate ladder so that you can claim the role that you know is meant to be yours?

My private coaching will ensure that you can show up as the BOSS you were meant to be without having to lead like a man or walk all over people in order to do it.

You’ll receive personalized support to give you the tools, the life strategy and the roadmap so that you can become an authentic leader that makes her impact on the world.

Ready to to know your worth, unleash your potential, have more self-confidence in your leadership and show up like a brave new woman so that you can lead like a BOSS.

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