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YES! This Really Happened To Me…

My Embarrassing Bathroom Moment and Big Life Lesson…

Have you ever had to learn a life-changing lesson in a very uncomfortable way because of procrastination?

Well, a few days ago I did just that. I was in southern California on business and a good friend invited me to a house party. The host was celebrating a major career milestone and had invited a real champion of women’s empowerment for the United Nations of whom I couldn’t wait to meet. And in an effort to step it up a notch, I wore one of those trendy jumpsuits that tell the world you are fashion-forward, or at least you’re trying to be. It was a slinky, clingy number, in good taste but certainly not something you would want your super religious friends to see you wearing.

Well, I’m at the said party having a blast, chatting and socializing, completely in my element of good food, good laughs, good conversation. After a few hours I have to go to the bathroom, but then I remember I’m in this silly jumpsuit so I make the colossal mistake of waiting. I keep talking, keep laughing, and keep procrastinating on the inevitable demands of human biology.

Eventually, I can’t wait any longer so I make a beeline for the bathroom. I pull this jumpsuit off faster than Clark Kent in a phone booth becoming SuperMan. Flop down on the toilet and think I’m home free until something feels really really strange. I look down and yep you guessed it, I took the jumpsuit down but my underwear was still firmly intact. Now what? For all my years of Charm School and Debutant Training, I couldn’t remember a class that covered what to do when you go to the bathroom with your underwear still on.

I searched my surroundings and there was nothing but some liquid soap and one of those fancy hand towels that are far more decorative than practical. ?Fast forward to the end and I realized there was no remedy but to wash the underwear, dispose of them and excuse myself from the party. Had to pay a bunch of money to UBER myself home and have everyone wondering, what happened to Stacey? Especially since I couldn’t even blame it on the alcohol because I don’t drink. I even missed out on meeting a great leader that I admire and would have loved to connect with.

By now you’re wondering what on earth does this has to do with me? Stacey’s lack of good judgment and lame bladder is the least of my concerns. Well here’s what- I always look for the lesson in every situation…and this one is no exception.


3 Reasons Procrastination Is Screwing With Your Life and Robbing You of Abundance:


1. Nothing good comes from waiting until the last minute to get something done.

Whenever you have something that must be done, the eleventh hour is not the time to get started. People that say their best work is done under pressure are just rationalizing the lack of good time management. Excellence is a process that is prepared over a reasonable amount of time.


2. Delaying what must be done will cost more than you want to pay.

The cost of new underwear, negligible, a 45 mile UBER ride in Los Angeles, during peak hours, will set you back a few dollars. But more than the money it was just silly to delay. What did I really think was going to happen? And this is what we must ask ourselves when we delay? It could be as simple as starting a workout plan or as complex as getting your business plan done. Whatever it is, delay ends up being more expensive and far less successful.


3. Procrastination can disrupt a divine opportunity.

I missed out on a really great connection because I had to leave the party early over something so ridiculous that could have been easily avoided. What opportunities have you delayed, or disrupted simply because you weren’t ready? There is a famous saying that success happens when opportunity meets preparation. Isn’t that motivation enough to stop procrastinating, to get ready and stay ready?


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